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FAQ Pantora Bridal

In order to provide each bride with top notch service and individual attention, we require an appointment to view and try on gowns. Our flagship store is by appointment only. Your personal stylist will be there to welcome and guide you as you select gowns that best suit your vision and budget.

We suggest ordering your gown 10-14 months prior to your wedding date. If your wedding is sooner we have several options available.

● Rush orders may be possible, however deliveries are dependent on the style and complexity of design. Rush fees may apply.

●We generally have an assortment of availble stock gowns ready for purchase however the assortment is constantly changing.

● Gather images of gowns that excite you.
● Determine your budget for your total look, gown and accessories
● Wear a nude strapless or convertible bra and nude undergarments
● Bring high energy and an open mind
● Prepare to fall in love and SAY YES TO THE DRESS

● Simple & Clean non-embellished gowns range from $2,000 - $3,500
● Moderately detailed styles range from $2800 - $5,000
● Heavily detailed styles range from $4,000 - $8,000 +

● Accessories $150-$2000

Please note : Our gowns are open to modifications, prices are subject to change with add ons/ modifications.

Yes! Our stylists are here to help you find your dream gown, even if that means adding a little razzle dazzle. Modifications come at an additional cost. Please keep in mind that modifications allow you to make small changes to our existing offering.

Yes, we have a collection of veils, accessories, and jewelry. Please book an accessories appointment.

We have dresses on the showroom floor up to a size 32, we are currently working on store samples up to a size 40. All of our gowns are available in any and every size.

Cold feet can happen to the best of us, even when you’ve found the one! Your stylist will be happy to book a follow up appointment. We want you to confidently SAY YES TO YOUR DRESS.

We permit 2 guests per bride. Be sure to bring supportive and encouraging people as they will help create this special experience.

All brides and guests must be temperature checked and use hand sanitizer upon entering the salon. Masks/face coverings must be worn by everyone for the entire duration of the appointment.

We offer alteration services only on Pantora gowns purchased at our flagship in Brooklyn, not including sample sale gowns. We offer several alterations packages to best suit each bride. Having your alterations done at Pantora is not mandatory and is a seperate service.

We currently do not offer alteration services at the Los Angeles flagship, however we can offer referrals.

Alterations traditionally are required for wedding and special occasion dresses to achieve a desired fit. Our dresses are made to order, not made to measure. Its important to nip, tuck and hem your gown for a pristine fit. Two bodies with the same measurement can look completely different in the same size gown, alterations allow you to nail your fit.

Pantora Bridal is a national brand and sold throughout the country. Be sure to check out our authorized retailers.

Yes, however we have a bridesmaids event once to twice a year. This is the only time we sell bridesmaids dresses. Each event lasts for a few short weeks, dresses must be ordered during the event. This allows us the necessary time it takes to produce a high volume of dresses but also maintain our focus on our brides throughout the year. Please subscribe for details on future events.

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