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At Pantora Bridal we understand the complexities of looking for the perfect wedding dress. It’s tied to a once in a life time experience. Our mission is to provide special fashion forward bridal options paired with a feel good experience. It is our sincere belief that luxury does not need to be delivered with a pinky up, but can be delivered in a relatable package. Each bride deserves to shine, we are inclusive in our mission to deliver the type of product and service that have been traditionally lacking in the bridal industry.

I dreamt of Pantora as a twelve year old girl, but nothing in my wildest dreams could compare to what has been built! Pantora is a tribe of beautiful women doubled as brides. I wanted to create a safe space for brides to feel the validity in their beauty while experiencing relatable luxury. The gowns, although the very reason Pantora exists have now become the icing on the cake.

Andrea Pitter

Designer & Founder

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