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Sample Sale

Sample Sales are a great time to find your dream gown at a fraction of the price!

What are samples? Samples can fall under many categories, discontinued styles, design concepts that never went into production, retired sales floor samples etc.

What sizes are available? Inventory for sample sales are generally accumulated over the course of time prior to the event, we can't guarantee specific inventory however we typically have a solid selection of sizes 6-32.

How should I get prepared? Secure your reservation or appointment. Chose one person whose opinion you value and wants to have fun with you, we're a good time! 

If attending our first come first serve style event (reservation) wearing a one piece undergarment may help get you in and out of dresses quickly. call your bank ahead of time to let them know you may be making a purchase that day, or be prepared to verify your purchase at check out.

What kind of payments are accepted? Cash and major credit cards are accepted.

Do I take my purchase with me? Yes, dresses must be paid for in full and must be taken the same day.

Are alteration services available? We do not offer alteration services on sample sale dresses as our alterations department is generally operating at capacity but we can offer referrals.

How great are the discounts? This the time to save big on your dream gown. Dresses and accessories can be 20-80% off.


Here are some tips to help prepare for the event:

Create a Wish List: Make a list of details and style characteristics to stay focused on finding "the one."
Set your Budget: Determine your spending range and stick to it.
Understand the Sales Policies: Familiarize yourself with the event's sales policies mentioned in your confirmation email.
Dress Comfortably: Wear proper undergarments and comfortable shoes for quick changes.
Arrive Early: Every moment counts! Be sure to come early for your designated time to check in and get ready.
Be Open-minded:Sample sales offer unique pieces not always found in regular collections, so embrace unexpected finds.
Prepare for Quick Decisions: Things will be fast-paced, with items selling quickly. If you love something, be ready to make a prompt decision to secure your purchase.
Bring a Supportive Guest: Having someone you trust with you can provide valuable opinions and support when saying yes. If solo shopping is more your style, you are always welcome to facetime a friend.  
Enjoy the Experience: The sample sale is an exciting opportunity to find amazing dresses at great prices. Have fun and celebrate finding your dream gown!