Shopping Tips - Pantora Inc.


Give Yourself Enough Time
    • Brides should try to start dress shopping 8-14 months before their wedding date. There are so many options when it comes to bridal gowns. Give yourself enough time to explore all options and have enough time to order the gown of your dreams.  Timing matters! While in many cases we are able to service brides with shorter time line it is important to reserve those instance for special circumstances. Lets not be tardy for the party!
Be Open Minded
    • All too many times brides come in with a set idea of what they think they want, only to land on the unexpected. Definitely prepare a wish list but leave a little wiggle room for the unexpected. After all that is where the magic happens.
    • Create a realistic budget that consists of two numbers, where you would like to stay and your ceiling. This allows your consultant to be helpful and considerate of your wishes. Trying on dresses over your budget can be devastating, however not trying on a dress that may have fallen in your budget can leave you with doubt.
Less Is More
    • We know dress shopping is exciting and everyone wants to be involved but less is more! During your dress shopping experiences it's important to be surrounded by positive, loving, and encouraging energy. Have people whose opinions absolutely matter to you join your appointment and leave an element of surprise for the rest of your tribe!
Appointment Day Prep
  • You’re excited and maybe a bit nervous too, that’s to be expected. Try your best to start your day with a “Yes” attitude. Make sure to have a bite to eat, and get some rest so you come in feeling refreshed and ready to try on the gown of your dreams. Wear shapewear and undergarments, avoid heavy make-up and make sure your inspiration images are ready. Happy pinning!