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Keep Calm, Love Will Go On!

Ladies how ya'll feel? Fellas ya'll alright? It's very tough keeping positive in the midst of so much change and uncertainty. Planning a wedding on top of that may seem daunting. Wedding planning is very personal, time-consuming and yet joyful. The best feeling is seeing your vision come to life, surrounded by your loved ones on your special day. While dates may need to be changed, and attendance may not be as large, the essence of your day will prevail. Take this extra time to reflect on what will make your wedding truly special to you and yours. Check on your bridal party, reach out to your guests just to say "hi", check in with your tribe. Lean on your tribe. The Pantora Bride Tribe has kept us going, sending virtual hugs, and kind notes to our brand and team.  

Think on the small details that will make your day. Gown selected, check! If not, keep creating a vision board of looks. There are several online outlets that brides can utilize to source gown details, discover trending colors, and help you create a beautiful experience. And Pantora Bridal is the perfect place to start, check out our website gallery and our Instagram page for gown inspiration and more.

Love is not canceled.

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