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Who should I bring with me in pursuit to find my gown?

So now you’re engaged and it’s time to rally the troops and start the bridal gown search. At this point you’ve already picked your bridesmaids if any and you probably think this would be a great time to get all the girls together for a day out. This is where we’d like to tell you that bridal gown shopping is fun but serious business. We’d like to encourage you to keep your guest limited to friends and family whose opinion you value. There is nothing worse than finding the dress YOU love but your gang doesn’t share your vision. Finding THE DRESS is not a feeling. you can duplicate. A kind and supportive entourage will not only be supportive but they will make the world of a difference in your shopping experience.

We suggest having no more than four guest. It keeps your appointment on track and allows the opportunity for you to bond with your stylist allowing them to hear YOU and find the best gown to fit YOUR needs. Imagine 10 opinions flying in your direction as you attempt to dodge the ones you don’t care for. Finding a dress can be hard enough, finding a dress to please 8 additional people is downright difficult.

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